Sony UPC-24SA paper/ink pack

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Part Number:STP-UPC24SA

Color Print Pack Small Size (Laminated) A6 type media 180 prints (60 sheets x 3 packs) 3 3/4 x 2 7/8" paper size (100 x 90 mm) For use in UP-25MD and UP-D25MD Sony printers. Sony UPC-24SA S-Size laminated paper for use in the Sony UP-25MD and Sony UP-D25MD printers. Each pack contains 180 prints of paper and ribbon (60 sheets x 3 packs). Pricing is per pack.

NOTE:  Sony has discontinued this product.  The UPC-21S is the same product without the laminate on the picture.  If you place an order for this item, we will send the UPC-21S.